Besiktas goes badly! "Karius" has a future with Liverpool or not?

26 Apr

German defender Loris Karus is about to end his loan contract with Besiktas and is likely to not be bought because of problems with the board of the famous Turkish team. Besiktas is still unpaid for 4 months of wages, which the 26-year-old goalkeeper has already reported about FIFA. This work would probably end badly. However, the big question, if he wants to return to Liverpool, is that he still has a future in the Reds? How much will the opportunity to play?

What happened to Karius?

     In fact, during the first loan period to be played for Besiktas, Karius did a great job until an error occurred against Malmo in the Europa League, when October 2018 The German defender tried to reach out to cross the cross ball from the edge of the player Malmo, who ricocheted Besiktas with But he couldn't jump The ball then swagged into the second goal post. This mistake immediately became a news in the city's elite, until Karius was again criticized.After the incident in Sweden, Karius posted a photo of himself in black and white on his personal Instagram. With the caption that "In order to succeed in life You need two things. That is ignorance and determination. "However, the legend of the German national team, Oli Stein, spoke about Karius to focus more on the field and to reduce the post."Looks like Karius thinks taking pictures and sharing them on social media Media is more important than playing on the field. He needs to do a good job for two seasons to prove himself once again, "Oulstein said.  Karius was later questioned about the motivation of Mr. Besiktas, Zenol Gunes, after performing poorly in the 3-2 win over Konyaspor in March last year.Krius made a mistake with the broken door. He looks quite sluggish. There is something wrong with his motivation and enthusiasm in the game. It has been like this since the beginning. He didn't feel part of the team. It's something we haven't been able to solve. And of course I was also part of the blame "I feel there is something wrong and he is also unlucky. He is a talented goalkeeper. But now we haven't seen that. Like this If I still have a goalkeeper like Tolka Zen, I would have him play, "Zenolgunes said.

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